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   D.G. -- active, middle aged woman:
    "Dr Baca and her staff are very knowledgeable. The advice and treatment I have received have always been right on target for me. The friendly staff are a joy. They are always willing to take the time to visit with you for a few minutes. The office has a very relaxing atmosphere, with soothing music, books to read and great information sheets."

    Stephanie, -- young new mother:
    "The level of care I have received at the Center for Health is far superior to any that I have experienced anywhere else—and I went to several doctors before I found Dr. Baca, Misty and Faylene. When other doctors gave up on me, Dr Back kept trying. Dr Baca and her staff have helped me find my way out of a life that was clouded by my illness to one that is filled with happiness, a career and even a new precious baby!! Simply put, without their persistence, caring and creative approach to medicine, I would not have the quality or life that I have today."

        S.T. -- middle-aged businessman:
    "Dr Baca has created an atmosphere unlike any I have experience in a Doctor's office. The staff is always glad to see you; the exam rooms are comfortable and calming. She treats all of you not just your illness. . My results have been remarkable."
    S.A.– Young, business woman:
    Several years ago when I was on a business trip in Asia, I visited a Buddhist temple and monastery. While I was there I got a prayer pouch for good health. I have carried this prayer in its little pouch since that time. In the past few years, my health began to worsen. There were times I wondered why I kept the prayer pouch…it obviously wasn't working for me. I kept developing new conditions and doctors either told me nothing was wrong with me or that what was wrong couldn't be fixed,. Then I met Dr Baca and my prayer was answered. Dr Baca has had more affect on my life than anyone will ever know. Dr Baca not only helped heal my body, but, helped me heal my whole self. Dr Baca has created a place where patients are truly people, and not just "cases". Everyone is honest and caring. Doctor and Misty are relentless in pursuing ways to help you feel better. They never gave up on me. As a small token for my thanks, I gave Dr Baca the prayer pouch, and I hope that the prayer will help others find health. You'll see it it the office.

    D.K. :
    I really don't know where to begin. You listen with sensitivity, compassion and a little bit of humor… never rushing me, letting me cry when I needed to. You have empowered me to take responsibility for my own health. Three years ago, I brought my daughter to you. I don't think you knew much about her disease, but she had been through 5 surgeries and 50 nerve blocks and nothing was working for her anymore. You took her case file with you; always learning more and better ways of treating her. She needed her spirit, mind and body healed and you knew that. We spent 3 years with you and your staff, and you are like family to us. My Daughter is back in college to finish her degree. We can never thank you enough for giving her back her life. I've never experienced the positive patient healing love that you have for your patients anywhere else. You are in our prayers, always.

    C.B. – middle age woman from the McCook area:
    My husband and I gave the Center for Health an aquarium. This gift of peace and beauty is in the reception area for all to enjoy. This office is one of the nicest places I have ever been. I've done a lot of doctoring over the past few years and this is the best place I've ever found. Everyone is helpful and pleasant. They always have my best interest in mind. I always feel comfortable and at ease. If I have a health problem, I know Dr. Baca and Misty will work hard to find out what is wrong and do their best to help me. I basically love it here.

     KM. - an active RN:
    It's one of those disorders that you head doctors say "It's all in your head and we can't find anything wrong with you". Well as a registered nurse, I knew that was not the case, so I ventured beyond basic to one of the best with Dr Baca, Faylene and Misty. If something is not working quite right we "tweak" a medicine or treatment. You notice, I said WE, and that is because I am part of the team and I have to play a role in my health care and do my part trying to stay well. I can honestly say I'm feeling better since I've been seeing Dr Baca, Misty, Faylene and their staff starting in 1999. It takes frequent visits and a variety of treatments but I'm getting better all the time. After all one day is not exactly like the next. I'm glad I am able to work in my field and I'm grateful to the Center for Health for that.

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